Friday, February 25, 2005

Eco: Bewitched, bothered and Bog-gled

If you ask me there is no better spur of the moment, get out and feel the bite of crisp late winter air field trip than a visit to a Connecticut black spruce bog.


We visited the black spruce bog in the Mohawk State Forest in Goshen with the boys on a cold, snowy day, a wonderful time to be there. A plank walk leads into the heart of the bog, a magical place made even more mystical with its carpet of moss and ferns and majestic spruce trees draped in snow and frost.

Bogs, like swamps are among the many gifts the Laurentide Ice Sheet left for us after the last glaciation of some 20,000 years ago, but their vegetative mats grow to extend out over wetlands that fill glacial depressions. They may fill in entirely in just the next 5,000 years, so you need to get out to see them while they last.


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